Fringe Transformation Group embraces the challenges and demands of cultivating and molding the leaders of tomorrow. Learning to lead from character and a space of sensitivity and perceptiveness can contribute to fantastic relationships with staff and executives alike. Leading through this lens, in combination with the technical knowledge and skills already present within leaders, will transform both leaders and organizations. And this is the fundamental core where Fringe Transformation Group excels. Nina Guilford’s comprehensive qualifications have provided clients with proven innovative programs to maintain their pacesetter status within their respective organization by developing their leaders.

Nina Guilford has an extensive and all-encompassing background within the healthcare sector, which she incorporates into the daily workings of Fringe Transformation Group. Her experience leading multi-billion dollar providers and their teams in various functions of the revenue cycle is unprecedented. This invaluable experience bring incredible insight and wisdom to the core of the organization.

Honing in on the human aspect of leadership development to make decisions based outside of the box is a key component in management. Bringing together an understanding of how to harness and strengthen those qualities and implementing them accordingly to emerge as the best leader possible is the spark that ignited the flame to Fringe Transformation Group.

From executive to entrepreneur, Fringe Transformation Group seeks to find immeasurable opportunities that remain dormant within. Through business coaching and leadership development, we continue to help organizations and executives maximize their revenue cycle, recognize their potential for growth and be successful. We strive to continue to assist clients in finding their inner chieftain and clearing their path to a more empowering career in leadership.

Meet Nina

Nina Guilford

Nina Guilford is a seasoned professional who has transformed many leaders and teams within the health sector and has carved a unique niche for herself as an expert in leadership and personal development. As the founding partner and Chief Transformation Officer of Fringe Transformation Group, Guilford now uses her exclusive arsenal of skills and gifts to build the next generation of great leaders — helping others to discover themselves personally and professionally. Her ability to connect with others as a bold, nurturing, and spirit-directed woman, has enabled Guilford to carve a successful path for herself and others throughout her career.

Guilford’s career began at a major American healthcare facility, and over the next 20 years, she honed her skill set through a progression of roles, eventually transitioning to Executive Leadership. Being an innovator and trailblazer comes naturally to Guilford. She is a leader who challenges professionals to extend beyond their capacity and reach their full leadership potential while holding space for people to be vulnerable and feel safe in their authentic being.

She is on a mission to help leaders across the country build strong connections with their teams by helping them tell their story with their whole heart. Leadership through emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of what Guilford offers via Fringe Transformation Group and achieving new levels of excellence for both herself and her clients remains a lifelong goal.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to innovate, redefine and empower professionals with the keys to unlock the full potential of their leadership, influence and impact. We inspire, transform and elevate careers and lives to new pinnacles.

Our vision is to become a global leader in Leadership Development and deliver a program that provides services in coaching, strategy and innovation across industries.