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In today’s rapidly evolving markets, organizations must stay ahead of the curve by continuously thinking about strategy and innovation. We work with professionals and organizations to deliver exclusive programs that help implement strategic initiatives. By utilizing improved processes, organizations gain operational efficiency to “do more with less”. Executing with strategy and innovation in your business allows for optimization in the workflow, and alleviates stress and pressure off of staff, in turn, enhancing performance.

Our approach to identifying and implementing efficiencies and improvements through strategic initiatives will streamline your operational processes. Additionally, we will also incorporate ongoing assessment of potential, performance, and skillset to better match resources to role/function.

Leadership Development

At Fringe Transformation Group, we’ve established a business that creates a space for leaders to discover themselves, who they were truly meant to be, and in turn, apply their new-found knowledge to impactfully leading others. We believe in delivering a high return on investment in developing strong leaders. Our multi-faceted approach for our transformational leadership program, coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience, disrupts the traditional views of leadership development and gives insight into managing a workforce with varying needs, supported by a diverse talent management strategy. We are committed to ensuring that professionals have the right leadership skills and are in a position to succeed.

We work with professionals and organizations to deliver exclusive programs that help implement strategic initiatives. Sometimes it’s not as apparent, however, to sum it up, the following are a few of the pertinent skills you should find in a well-rounded leader:

  • Capacity to coach team(s) efficiently
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Understanding of the importance of time management to carry out tasks
  • Committed to provide unconditional team motivation and support
  • Ability to identify the strengths of their team and position them for team success

The end goal is to develop flexible, aware and connected leaders who can effectively lead change management to support large-scale modifications to processes, job functions, departments, and organizational culture. We develop communities of leaders with high emotional intelligence via our transformational leadership program. Our program is designed to help professionals understand how to execute best practices in communications, opportunity identification, empowerment, team building and relationship building within people management.

Executive/Management Coaching

Together with effective management coaching, professionals can stay ahead of the curve in conveying smart and efficient plans of action. We communicate an inspiring vision and effectively lead yourself and others using a customized approach based on your individual needs.
Not only does our coaching program help to leverage your strengths and optimize your performance, it clearly supports the notion that supporting a leader at maximum optimization leads to impacting your business with positive results. A leader who is working at their full-strength potential and is connected to the organization’s mission, will have a team that yields positive results for your business. Our course of action builds upon an individual’s self-awareness and sharpens their development according to how it best parlays in correlation to their role in the organization.

Our management coaching approach reimagines the leader to better support employees through one-on-one or group coaching, mentorship, and/or workshops. The benefits of training and realizing the potential of executive/management coaching are endless. Give yourself a greater performance edge. Discover the potential of professional management education and seek the results you desire to see in yourself or your company.

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